The Legend

Over the years, the Inn has also gained notoriety for being home to the ghost of its original owner, Genevive Stickney. Rumor has it that Genevive, an obese and jealous woman, had an elevator installed in the Inn to transport her between levels. Near this time, Mr. Stickney engaged a nurse to help care for his wife. Soon after, the nurse became his mistress. Genevive detested the woman, fearing her husband would bequeath his riches to her. Upon his death, Genevive’s premonition came true, as Mr. Stickney left his money to the nurse, and only the Inn to his wife.

Some believe the situation drove Mrs. Stickney into severe depression that eventually led her to hang herself from the rafters of the elevator shaft.

Since her demise, many have sworn they’ve seen evidence of her presence. Lights have suddenly turned on, mirrors and paintings have fallen off walls, and guests have reported a blurry female appearing in vacation photographs. During one bizarre episode, a former owner was going over bills downstairs when the elevator began to move. Thinking one of her children was awakening, she ran upstairs to investigate, joined by a friend who also witnessed the elevator moving. Yet both found the children asleep and the elevator empty.

In 1964, a patron rushed downstairs shaken, her face ashen. She had been standing before Genevive’s gilt-edged mirror. “I was alone in the hallway and noticed another woman looking in the mirror behind me.” Her hair was pulled back in a bun, just as Genevive had worn hers.

Genevive’s antics have appeared on “Unsolved Mysteries” and have been featured in books documenting authentic ghost stories.

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