Tasting Room

Tasting Room Hours: Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 4:30

The Tasting Room showcases Mission Tables artisan-crafted Civilized Spirits, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and North Peak Beers.

The 2300-square-foot space encompasses the Mission Table bar and two smaller dining rooms off the bar. The Tasting Room decor reflects the rustic overtones of the artisan beverages, with whiskey barrels, cherry lugs, and a fantastic view of West Bay. A community table doubles as a tasting space and a private Chef’s table for dining. All spirits and beers are available for retail purchase by the bottle or case, along with logo’d apparel, glassware, and other items.

$5 tasting fee includes five samples in any combination of spirits or beers. The tasting fee can then be used as a credit toward the retail purchase of spirits or beers.


craft cocktails

Created using artisan spirits distilled on site, fresh herbs grown on the estate and handmade syrups for unmatched flavor.
Our spirits are also used to make our own handmade liqueurs including limoncello, irish cream and coffee liqueur

strawberry-rhubarb mojito 8
old mission rum, strawberry rhubarb syrup, mint, limes

blueberry mojito 8
old mission rum, blueberry syrup, mint limes

a better cosmo 9
civilized vodka, handmade limoncello cranberry/grapefruit juice

cherryade 8
civilized sakura, handmade limoncello, limes, lemonade
grapefruit juice

gin cooler 7
old mission gin, cantaloupe, cucumber, soda

bufala negra 8
civilized rye whiskey, brown sugar, basil, balsamic syrup ginger ale

affogato 8
sugared coffee slurry, handmade irish cream